Enrique Lorenzo

ENRIQUE_retratos One of Barcelona finest. Living in between the US and Europe has enriched his vision of skateboarding and life. Sponsors: Louw Skateboards, Autobahn Wheels, Bones Bearings, Great Tomorrow Clothing, Lakai, Diamond Supply, Mob Grip, Collective Bcn @enriquelorenzoo

Octavio Barrera

Octavio_retratos Born in las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain in 1990 but living in Barcelona. Octavio defines multitask: skateboarding, growing artist, promising product designer and young entrepreneur. Sponsors: Louw Skateboards, Rvca, Tangram Wheel Co. Converse Shoes, Thunder Trucks (Now Dist), Amigos Skateshop @octaviobarrera

Pol Catena

POL_RETRATO_1 New and vibrant blood from Mataro, Barcelona. Energy, happiness and skateboarding. Sixteen years old. Sponsors: Louw Skateboards, DC Shoes, Asphalt Yacht Club, NOW Dist (Spitfire, Thunder ), Arrow, Lien Skateshop

Felipe Bartolomé

FELIPE_retratos Seventeen years old and growing fast, Felipe is offering a whole new perspective to Spanish skateboarding from his hometown Madrid. Sponsors: Louw Skateboards, Converse Shoes, Thunder Trucks (NOW Dist), Universal Wheels, Arrrow, Carhartt, Welcome Skateshop, Damage Headwear @felipebartolome